Utility Software

Utility Software

There is a market of utility software available which are designed to be generically compatible with most mainstream commercial multifunctional copier systems. Some of the types of applications available are:

Copy and Scan

Digital imaging software packages that are compatible with most copier system manufacturers enable fast, efficient, high quality digital scanning for regular and MFPs) as well as Wide Format scanners. Popular choices for these are DigiDocFlow, PaperWorks, and eCopy, which also help with efficient and automated digital document archiving by incorporating sophisticated recognition methods.

Digital Document Management

With an increasingly need to digitise and archive physical documents in electronic form, there is a range of document management software, such as NSI Autostore, DocuClass, and DocuLex.

Enterprise Multifunctional Printing

For multifunctional systems, it can be useful to use MFP utility software which work most mainstream brand MFPs, which enable MFP functionality to be optimized and enhanced through fast, remotely accessible and flexible use of print, copy, scan and fax facilities. Popular software applications for managed printing include PaperCut and App2Me.

Digital Security and Data Protection

Antivirus and firewall protection software can help with information security to protect from unauthorized access, erroneous data routing and allows for logging of document access which many be important when printing or scanning documents.


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