About Scanner Copiers

About Scanner Copiers

Scanner Copiers are digital imaging systems not only for physical photocopying, but also transferring and storing a digital copy of an original document or image in a computer or storage device for further electronic use.

Digital copiers have a physical scanning component, but this is only to digitise the copy of the original document within the machine’s memory, and have no network connection to a computer.

Copiers with integrated laser scanners are connected to a local network, either with a server or directly to computers.

Regular scanner copiers exist for normal paper documents, but exist in various forms for different types of scanning. These can include being able to scan film material, photographs, books, stapled documents, multiple sized and double sided (duplex) scanning, amongst many others.

For business systems the latter three are often the most important, particularly for high speed, high volume scanning and copying with the need to produce copies that look as authentic as the original document. To do this, scanner copiers not only have built-in image correction software for high-fidelity copy printing, but utility software for computers are available to use with imaging systems to preview and apply further image processing and recognition for electronic archiving and document management.


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