How Connectivity Works

How Connectivity Works

Connectivity features in multifunctional copier units depend on the functionality available, but the common concept is to connect the copier system with external devices or onto a local network of computers and servers. The network may even have multiple systems with scanners, printers and Fax.

As a simple example a local network for printing and scanning can consist of a large number of computers connected in parallel to a couple of different types of multifunctional copier systems, which could be connected to one another also.

In this way, for example a simple low volume or wide format all-in one scanner, copier and printer  can be used to send a scanned image to a large printer copier production system in another physical location connected to the local network. The same scanned image can also be sent to a computer terminal, which can send to another computer terminal, all connected onto the network. The network can be connected up by large routing wiring, or completely wirelessly.

More sophisticated networks may involve email and ftp servers as network terminals which further store, process and transfer print, copy and fax images. For more information on advanced network technology, click here.


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