Networking Technology

Networking Technology

For as long as the multifunctional copier system has appropriate connectivity capabilities to operate on a busy network, large organisations are able to connect many different types of systems with such connectivity to various network technologies, such as mail and ftp servers.

In this way, a large print and copy network infrastructure can be supported in an organisation where there are large, varied and secure print, copy, fax and scanning requirements to meet intensive workflow demands. This can include secure electronic document management, instant communication and print of a hard copy document to a different physical location.

Network technology also enables secure mailing and document storage, whereby computer terminals are required to authenticate themselves to a third party client such as an ftp server before accessing scanned or printing secure documents, instead of a direct connection between a computer’s hard drive and a scanner or printer copier. This not only ensures efficient handling and queuing of busy organisational print networks where people may operate the systems remotely, but it also allows secure archiving and prevents unauthorised access or abuse of systems.

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